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I hope you were all able to watch my MTV special Stay Strong that premiered this week. I’m so happy with how it turned out. It was a big decision for me to share my full story with the world--letting cameras follow me to see the good, the bad, and everything in between. I've been pretty open about my struggles and recovery in interviews and on Twitter, but this was a very different experience. I was really nervous at first, but now I am so happy that I did it. Watching the documentary for the first time, I was totally overwhelmed, but I was really happy too! Seeing my whole story told in one hour was really powerful and made me truly realize all I've accomplished this past year.

The MTV crew came along with me to the first show on my tour in Detroit.  It was a great show--it was so much fun to show everyone the amazing costumes and all the choreography we'd worked so hard on! They also came to a few other shows--including one in my hometown of Dallas. The night after the Dallas show, I was really sick with a sore throat and cold. It was kind of embarrassing to have cameras filming me when I didn't look and feel my best but I knew it was important to share these moments along with the exciting, fun times at the shows.  I invited the crew to come to Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents' house in Dallas and they got to meet my whole family! They also came to my house in LA, and to Timberline Knolls where I was in treatment. It was an emotional day for me to go back and meet some of the girls in treatment, talk with the doctors and of course, remember how far I've come since then.

I've always known that I have the BEST fans in the world. But, seeing them all outside my shows and talking to MTV about how my music and my story inspires them meant the most to me more than anything shown in the documentary. I know I'll watch this special for years to come and be inspired by my fans each and every time I watch it. If you haven't seen it yet, I hope that you will! It will re-air on MTV on Monday, March 12th at 9 a.m. ET or you can see it online now. STAY STRONG!!!


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Hello from Chile!!!  I am in Chile for the Iquique Festival.  It is beautiful here and the fans are amazing!  I cannot wait to come back to South America in April!  I feel really lucky and blessed right now for so many reasons.

I recently got involved with a charity calledDoSomething.org, which encourages teens to take part in social action. Their current campaign, Teens for Jeans, is all about collecting jeans for homeless teens, and I am so happy to be a part of such a great cause. All of you have been absolutely amazing and so many fans have helped with the cause and donated jeans. For those of you who still want to help, bring your worn jeans to a local Aeropostale store or visit the web site to learn more.

Taking part in a campaign like Teens for Jeans reminds me to not dwell constantly on my own issues and selfishness and refocus that energy on people in need. It also really puts things in perspective when you realize how many kids out there are homeless, unhappy and hurting. Helping those in need makes me so much happier and healthier and I encourage all my fans to be of service!

Stay Strong!



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I am so in love with my Seventeen cover! It is such an honor to be on the cover & I am thrilled. The photos are so beautiful & I had such an amazing time on the shoot. It took place at a house in Topanga Canyon in California and the views were breathtaking. I loved that the photos were shot outside in..

..such a beautiful setting. There was such a relaxing vibe to the place. I want to thank everyone that worked on the shoot that day and made it so much fun. I have been reading Seventeen since I was a kid. Although I have been on the cover before, I feel like this time it is even more special to me because..

..I am more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I can now be honest in interviews and show my true self to the readers. This cover is like a fresh start for me. It's a presentation of who I am right now and how I'm working on myself and continue to grow as a person. Thank you to all the readers! I had a magazine..

..signing at a Barnes and Noble and hundreds of you guys came out to visit me. What an amazing feeling to have so many wonderful fans and supporters. The issues of Seventeen even sold out in a few hours!! I am so lucky to have each & every one of you as a fan and friend. I love it when I get an opportunity to see all of your faces and hear your voices. Stay Strong! Love, Demi Lovato

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"I'm not going to lie," Demi says. "I was self-medicating. I was doing things like drinking and using [drugs], like a lot of teens do to numb their pain.
"I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I don't throw up after my meals, I don't starve myself," says Demi. There's nothing that I do that I feel ashamed of."

"I think sober is sexy. It's cool. I think it's way cooler to be above the influence than under the influence."

"Now on Friday nights, if I want to go hang out with friends, I go hang out with friends. If I want to stay in and be in the hot tub and have people over to watch movies, I do that. I have more fun doing that than I did making the stupid decisions that I did back in the day."

"There are two people that no matter how many times we fight, we will always be in each other's lives. [Miley Cyrus and I] are strong-headed. Selena [Gomez] and I, we never fight."

"I'm not supposed to be stick thin — my body's not made to be that way. I feel like I have a good butt. I don't have boobs, but I got a butt!"

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I cannot believe it is almost Christmas! I’m headed to Dallas in a few days so I can spend Christmas in my hometown and I am really excited. I'm also very excited to have a week off. I am going to relax and spend time with my family. When I go to Texas for the holidays I stay in my childhood room which makes me really nostalgic. I have lived in that house since I was a toddler and there are so many memories there.

I also am thrilled to head to New York City for New Year's Eve in Times Square! I cannot believe I get to co-host MTV's NYE with Tyler Posey and perform my new single, "Give Your Heart a Break." I am so excited to share this song with all my fans. Also to be in Times Square watching the ball drop at midnight is surreal. I am really lucky to be in the place I am this holiday season.

Holidays can be wonderful for many people, but they can also be difficult for others. I’ve had difficult holidays myself and I hope that everyone out there who is struggling this holiday season can reach out and talk to someone about whatever hardships they may be experiencing. I also wish every single one of you a healthy and happy holiday season and amazing New Year. See you in 2012!!!

Stay Strong!


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demi lovato

demi lovato


Glamour: These pictures from the shoot are gorgeous. I love your new look. What is beautiful to you?

Demi Lovato: Having strength and confidence in yourself. I think that women who know who they are are beautiful.

Glamour: And do you feel like you’re there? Or are you still working on that?

DL: I feel like I’m there. I feel beautiful, you know? I feel strong, and I feel confident in who I am.

Glamour: What’s your go-to makeup?

DL: Concealer, foundation, blush, mascara. I can feel glamorous without makeup too, especially on my lips. They’re naturally reddish, so I often let them go.

Glamour: How has your look changed in the last year?

DL: Whenever you’re going through, you know, stuff, it definitely reflects in the way you wear your makeup and hair. Wearing less makeup is more comfortable for me.

Glamour: What’s one thing that has really stuck with you from your experience in treatment?

DL: I met so many young girls and even older women who had literally, you know, been through so much that I couldn’t even imagine. I was maybe a little more closed-minded, and I learned from them never to judge anyone.

Glamour: Is it true that you got tattoos on top of your cutting scars?

DL: I think scars are like battle wounds—beautiful, in a way. They show what you’ve been through and how strong you are for coming out of it. My tattoos say “Stay strong.” “Stay” on one [wrist] and “strong” on the other. Now I’m able to look at them and be thankful for being alive. I think that I’ve been blessed over the past year to be able to start over.

Glamour: What’s the healthiest thing that you do for yourself every day?

DL: Pray. I pray every night before I go to sleep and every morning when I wake up.

Glamour: I want to ask you about some of your lyrics. In “For the Love of a Daughter,” you sing about the “family war” and say, “Your selfish hands always expecting more.” Is this experience about your childhood?

DL: I think people read way too much into that line.

Glamour: What do you mean by that? Do people think it’s abuse and it’s not?

DL: I just don’t think people need to be that literal. I think that could just be, like, a financial thing.

Glamour: In “Skyscraper,” you sing, “Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground.” Who are you singing to?

DL: It’s to every person who tried to bring me down. Everyone has the bully or the mean girl or the ex-boyfriend who tried to bring them down. For me, I think of the people who really weren’t there for me when I went into treatment. It was a really dark time for me because I had only a few people—I had surrounded myself with so many artificial friendships. It’s about those people too.

Glamour: You also sing, “You never really can fix a heart.” Do you believe that?

DL: I think every time you get your heart broken, there’s a little piece of it that chips away, and I don’t think you ever get that piece back. But I think you’re able to bandage it with time and with new people and other things that make you happy.

Glamour: So what kind of guy makes you happy? What would you say you’re looking for in a boyfriend?

DL: Someone who’s not only supportive in my career but also in my [emotional] recovery. It’s a big responsibility dating me. Because I come with a little bit of baggage, you know? I’m completely open. I’m honest about the journey I’ve been on, so I definitely don’t take dating lightly anymore. And they have to make me laugh!

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Har läst era ord och kommentarer i det förra inlägget! JAG ÄLSKAR ER OCKSÅ, Men jag hade INGEN aning om att det var så många som verkligen gillade min blogg. TACK! Jag kan inte svara på allas kommentarer så jag säger tack i ett inlägg! :) Jag ska inte ta bort bloggen  <3

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As many of you know, last year at this time, I was in treatment. I spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve away from my home and family which is why I am so excited to be with them this year. Thinking about how far I have come in a year makes me so thankful. I could not have done this without God and the amazing support from my family. They have stuck by me through everything and love me just the way that I am. That is a wonderful feeling to know that people accept the real you. Honestly, I am thankful for my life path, including the highs and the lows, because it has caused my true self to shine through. Going to treatment was a gift and I believe it saved my life. I learned how to be strong and healthy even through struggles. It also helped me open up about my issues and share them with others. Knowing that my family, friends and fans accept me for who I am is the greatest feeling ever!

What a difference a year makes - I cannot believe I'm out on tour again! I just got done with my first show in Detroit. What an amazing crowd! Sometimes I cannot believe how lucky I am to be on the road and doing what I love every night. I am even going to perform in my hometown, Dallas, over the Thanksgiving holiday. I am so excited to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Texas. They are so much fun! Every Thanksgiving my entire family (about 50 people) gather around and eat tons of food and talk for hours. Since I do not get to visit Dallas as much as I would like, I really appreciate my time there with everyone.

I am so thankful that I am healthy and happy this year. I no longer take things for granted, like my family, friends, fans and career. Each day is special to me and I take each day one day at a time. Sometimes people get busy and forget to enjoy the moment, but I know I will not do that this holiday season. I have worked very hard to get to the place I am today and I am going to enjoy every minute of it! I wish all of you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Stay Strong! Love, Demi Lovato.

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